About Code<br>

Our Origin Story

In the spring of 2020, shortly after the COVID-19 virus forced schools to close and classrooms to go remote, we knew that this would be a very challenging time for students and their families. More than 1/3 of U.S households are without a dedicated computer, dedicated high speed internet or the right hardware, tools and environment to promote effective learning from home. So we launched a national initiative at no cost for families to bring STEAM curricula remote aligning with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards but transcending the experience with ultra-rich interactive learning for middle school age students.

We originally named it Code.chella ....

Because every activity aligns with the science behind music festivals and we wanted students to feel like it was a party arriving at their homes when we shipped each kit to their house for a week long festival of code, music, electronics, mechanical and structural engineering - all while learning how innovation finds its place in iconic festivals all around the world.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, Code.chella was a huge hit in Oklahoma and California, reaching students from over 100 school districts. Teachers, students, schools have been loving Code.chella so much that we couldn't meet the demand for requests. But that's all changing in 2021 - we're going to make sure that Code.chella expands to reach more families in more cities around the country as remote learning continues to challenge students and independent learning and the empowerment of learning STEM remains critical.

Code.chella is now Codebreak!

( or as we techies like to write it - Code<br> )

New name, who dis?

In order for us to go big and work with more partners, we have to let go of the "chella" for intellectual property reasons which will enable us to do more with our STEAM kits and reach more schools, families and partners. Same awesome kit, new fun name.

Codebreak is a break from the humdrum, a break from the ordinary STEAM activities, it's as fun as a spring break or breaking away to attend a festival. And for those who are already junior coders, you get the little programmers pun with <br>!

<br> is the HTML code for creating line breaks in a webpage!