Code.chella is a five day unplugged coding camp in a box for middle school students.

The festival-themed activities explore science at the intersection of art and technology. Projects include computer science fundamentals, circuitry/LEDs, IoT, design and structural engineering. Each activity explores how each of these technologies enable the world's most iconic music festivals.

All Kits Include:

+15 STEM Activities

90 page Digital Workbook

Electronic Synth Kit

STEM Lab Pendulum Kit

Android Tablet

Glowsticks / Chemiluminescence

Codebreak Festival Wristband

Engineer's Lab Notebook

Parent Handbook

Codebreak Worksheets

Pencil  & Markers

Low Heat Glue Gun

Scissors & Electrical Tape

All Batteries Required

As a response to COVID-19, code.chella focuses on helping to solve for the remote education disparities due to 1/3 of U.S. households not having access to a connected computer at home. 

By curating over 15 STEM activities that don't require using a computer, Codebreak (formerly Code.chella) was created as an "unplugged" solution to extend learning opportunities to families seeking alternatives to online programs. All Codebreak remote learning activities align with Common Core (CCS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). 



Code.chella, is our ode to the science of music festivals and the technologists that make it possible. 

Reach out and get a backstage pass to some of the most interactive STEAM activities out there all based on the algorithm, technology and engineering of the world's most iconinc music festival. Sponsored by Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers.  

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