About BWS Kids

This year marks the 101st anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, a time to reflect on a part of American history that offers us all an opportunity to rise above tragedy and find hope for a better future where prejudice, violence and racism has no place.

Inside of this kit is the story of Tulsa, Greenwood Ave. and Black Wall St. along with interactive activities that help us connect the past to the present.

All Kits Include

  • A 7” Android Tablet

  • AT&T WiFi hotspot (5G) for internet access

  • 40 Page Digital Curricula on the history of Greenwood and Black Wall St. (designed for Middle School age students and literacy levels)

  • STEAM Activity (AR & VR): Designing Thinking - Reimagining the Black Wall St. of Tomorrow

  • Russell Westbrook’s Reading Room books:

Up From the Ashes by Hannibal Johnson

Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre by Carole Boston Weatherford

Mo’s Bows: A Young Person’s Guide to Start-Up Success: Measure, Cut, Stitch Your Way to a Great Business by Moziah Bridges

  • Commemorative Black Wall St. Notebook

  • Greenwood Ave. Memorabilia